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Handmade Animal Crafts & Artwork
Handmade Animal Crafts & Artwork

Catherine Owen makes Textile works from full sized costumes to toys that fit in the hand. My work has a gentle, almost retro feel, especially as I like to use old fabrics, off cuts and dabble in button-jointing. I am a keen recycler and cannot say no to fabric donations, passing my scraps onto little girls to sew with.

The creatures must have nice faces. They must talk to me, and say nice things. I imagine they are all a little bit naughty, even though they are so cute, just like my children. They are usually 'born' in my head first, and change as the sewing takes place, becoming something I don't always recognize. How exciting!

I love putting wool cloth into my washing machine on hot, pondering the contents of my button tin, and looking at colour and texture when thinking of a new project. I enjoy stuffing the animals the best, seeing how they begin to hold themselves, and if I have achieved something of my ideas!

I am a proper artist though, with a nice honours degree from Edinburgh College of Art.